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Chelohart 60 - muscolo cardiaco

Chelohart - contiene peptidi del muscolo cardiaco

PC 01 - arterie e cuore

Complesso peptidico PC 01 - arterie e cuore:
• prevenzione dell'invecchiamento precoce
• prevenzione di aterosclerosi, ipertensione
• prevenzione di infarto e ictus
• riabilitazione post-infarto e post-ictus
€18.00 €16.00

Peptide Complex 04 - for joints

Complesso peptidico per articolazioni. Contiene peptidi - cartilagine, timo.
€18.00 €16.00

Revilab SL 01 - peptides of the vascular wall and heart muscle

Revilab SL 01 — it contains peptides of the vascular wall and heart muscle.
€36.00 €26.00

Ventfort 60 - vasi sanguigni - arterie e vene

Ventfort contiene i peptidi dell'aorta naturale. Normalizza la funzione dei vasi sanguigni riducendo la loro carenza di peptidi e ripristinando la sintesi proteica all'interno delle loro cellule.
€121.00 €81.00

Vesugen 60 - vasi sanguini

Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the world today are the leading causes of human disabilities and reduction of life expectancy. Underlying causes of diseases in this group are changes in the vascular wall, blood flow, and insufficiency in absorbing food by tissues. Taking into consideration such problems, bioregulator for vessels.
€90.00 €45.00


Adestab - Healthy blood vessels - long life

The modern way of life, stress and lack of exercise negatively affect the state of the whole organism. One of the important, but the weakest points is the vascular wall. Violations of trophic and its elasticity lead to damage. The consequence is the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques and atherosclerosis. The latter, in turn, there is no coronary artery disease and hypertension. A sad statistic in the structure of them and their complications, such as heart attack and stroke belongs to the palm.
€12.00 €14.00