Riduzione del peso.

I prodotti di questa serie ti permetteranno di ridurre il peso senza danneggiare la tua salute e avvicinarsi alla tua pesoforma ideale. I cocktail sono usati al posto di un pasto ed è un sostituto a pieno titolo. Reviform Adsorb viene usato prima di ogni pasto. Reviform Shape è un bruciagrassi, deve essere assunto un'ora prima degli sport.

New generation natural antidepressant.
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Mesotel Neo with resveratrol for
Сardiovascular system / Immune system / Respiratory system / Acoustic organs / Oral cavity pathologies / Neuroendocrine system / Nervous system / Hematopoietic system / Oncologic diseases / Metabolic disorder / Female reproductive system / Male reproductive system / Skin diseases / Intoxications / Urinoexcretory system
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Dietary product for completion of vitamins and minerals.
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Voliustom® new generation of absorbent products Multicomponent drug based on a set of dietary fiber to cleanse the body , normalizing weight and improving the digestive tract. Protects the internal environment of the proceeds from the intestine of toxic substances and radionuclides and promotes their excretion, contributes to the normalization of metabolism, creates a favorable environment for the development of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, is effective against prophylactic bowel disease. Due to dietary fiber, increases the amount of food eaten in the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness, helping to reduce excess weight.
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30 tablets of 0,5 g.
This preparation in based on hesperidin, nicotinic acid and plant components. It has a powerful antioxidant and angioproteguoe action. Dilates blood vessels, improves microcirculation, promotes removal of venous statis, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, decrease the blood pressure, at that prevent from development of stroke and heart attack. Nicotinic acid which is part of the preparation actively participates in oxidation–reduction reactions transforming sugar and fat into energy, has a positive effect on lipid metabolism and helps reducing of cholesterol levels in the blood.
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The product is based on fragments from the cell wall of lacto and bifidobacterium with the combination of Echinacea and ascorbic acid. It activates all links which are weakened daily by infections and stress. It reduces the risk of cancer. Imusil is absolutely safe, well tolerated by both adults and children and has no side effects.
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