Oral cavity balms

Revilab SL peptide complexes - sublingual oral cavity conditioner

The first in the world series of innovative sublingual multicomponent formulations, it was created for the purpose of preventing the development of disorders of various systems and organs and correcting existing disorders.

The effectiveness of this form is due to the fact that the substance enters the sublingual space with a dense network of capillaries, so the substance can enter the bloodstream directly, bypassing absorption through the mucosa of the digestive tract and primary metabolic deactivation by the liver. As a result, the active substance will remain stronger, and manifest in the target with its high concentration. Given direct entry into the systemic circulation, the rate of onset of effect is several times faster than when receiving the same substance taken orally.

The components of modern high-tech formulations (a number of synthesized peptides) and plant extracts combined in Revilab SL series have the effect directed toward the cause of various problems, as well as prevent premature aging.

Advantages of the preparations:

Innovative technology
Fast action
New level of bioavailability
High efficiency

Revilab SL 01 — contains peptides of the vascular wall and heart muscle.
€35.00 €43.00
SL 02 — contains peptides of brain, eye retina, vascular wall
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 03 — contains peptides of epiphysis, immune system T-link, immune system B-link.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 04 — it contains peptides of T-cell branch of immune system, cartilage and muscles.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 05 — it contains peptides of liver, pancreas, lungs and stomach walls.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 06 — it contains peptides of T-cell branch of immune system, bronchi, lungs and stomach walls.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 07 — it contains peptides of B-cell branch of immune system, bone marrow and vessel wall.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 08 - it contains peptides of T-cell branch of immune system, vessel wall and urinary bladder.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 09 - it contains peptides of epiphysis, testicles, urinary bladder and prostate.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 10 — it contains peptides of epiphysis, vessel wall and urinary bladder.
€35.00 €43.00