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Digemax - apparato digerente, intossicazioni

The integrated product designed to help solve the problems of digestion. Complex composition and versatile action components provide polymorphism effects of the drug. Nevertheless, the end result remains unchanged – the improvement of the liver and pancreas; normalization of secretion, absorption and motility; the prompt relief of pain, spasms and inflammation in the stomach and intestines; reduction of intoxication and normalization of stool.
€19.00 €13.00

Suprefort 60 - pancreas

Suprefort 60 - pancreas

Un complesso peptidico isolato da pancreas.
€80.00 €81.00

Suprefort lingual - digestive system (pancreas)

For the digestive system (pancreas)
Complex of peptide fractions of the pancreas. Peptides possess selective action to pancreas cells, normalize metabolism and regulate pancreas functions.
€45.00 €42.00