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Concentratore di energia e attivatore di collagene. Migliora efficacemente la memoria, il metabolismo, protegge il corpo dall'invecchiamento.
€83.00 €101.00
For increased physical activities.
€17.00 €21.00
Complex of the short peptides contributing to normalization of cartilaginous tissue and support-locomotion system.
€45.00 €37.00
Complex of the short peptides contributing to normalization of cartilaginous tissue and support-locomotion system.
Cerluten is a natural peptide complex extracted from the brain tissues of young animals (calves no older than 12 months of age). Such peptides have beneficial effects on the different cells of the nervous system and brain tissues, by regulating their metabolism and functions.
€47.00 €57.00
Complex of peptide fractions of the brain. Peptides possess selective action to nervous tissue and brain cells, normalize metabolism in cells and regulate their functions. Сardiovascular system / Visual organs / Acoustic organs / Nervous system / Metabolic disorder / Skin diseases / Intoxications
€47.00 €57.00
Chelohart - contiene peptidi del muscolo cardiaco
Its action is cartilaginous tissue recovery.
€27.00 €33.00
Cream-balm on the basis of cartilages and vessels peptides softly and carefully eliminates pain syndrome, improving local blood circulation, nutrition of joint and trophicity of periarticular tissues.
€26.00 €32.00

Complex 3R® antioxidant defense of the body

€30.00 €37.00
Cream soap is a unique instrument in the fight against irritation, dryness, flaking skin. Recommended for daily use. It contains only natural ingredients. Disinfectants, tones, soothes and regenerates the skin. Heals and regenerates irritated and reddened skin of the face and body, cleans, makes the skin look healthy and pleasant to the touch.
€18.00 €23.00
Crystagen represents a complex of short peptides, contributing to normalization of immune system function.
€37.00 €45.00
Crystagen represents a complex of short peptides, contributing to normalization of immune system function.
Crystagen lingual represents a complex of short peptides, contributing to normalization of immune system function.
Immune system / Acoustic organs / Nervous system / Oncologic diseases / Metabolic disorder / Musculoskeletal system / Digestive tract / Female reproductive system / Skin diseases / Intoxications / Urinoexcretory system / Fungal and parasitic invasions
€47.00 €57.00
Product contains a complex of peptides, which are isolated from the pineal gland (pineal gland) of young animals. The obtained substances regulate hormonal metabolism and selectively act on the cells of the neuroendocrine system. «Endoluten» also contributes to the normalization of metabolism in the cells of the epiphysis and the secretion of melatonin.


Regulates the neuroendocrine system
Regulates all cyclic processes in the body
Synchronizes the biological clock
Regulates the reproductive system
Slows down menopause processes
Increases fertility rate
Prevents cancer, particularly of the reproductive system (reduces risk of cancer up to 5 times)
Regulates immune and antioxidant status
Increases life expectancy
€97.00 €117.00

Endoluten 60 - ghiandola pineale, epifisi
Regola il sistema neuroendocrino
Regola tutti i processi ciclici nel corpo
Sincronizza l'orologio biologico
Regola il sistema riproduttivo
Rallenta processi di menopausa
Aumenta il tasso di fertilità
Previene il cancro, in particolare del sistema riproduttivo (riduce il rischio del cancro fino a 5 volte)
Regola lo stato immunitario e antiossidante
Aumenta l'aspettativa della vita
60 capsule di 200 mg ciascuna

Ensil - oncoprotettore di base
Per sistemi Cardiovascolare, Immune, Respiratorio , Nervoso, Emopoietico, malattie oncologiche , tratto digestivo, malattie della pelle.
€38.00 €47.00
New generation natural antidepressant.
€30.00 €37.00
€47.00 €57.00
Peptidi di tricipiti.
Per il sistema muscolare. I peptidi dei tricipiti possiedono un'azione selettiva sui miociti, normalizzano il metabolismo, aumentano la loro attività funzionale.
€55.00 €67.00
One of the promising directions in the fight against cancer is oncology practice. Long ago proved the positive role of vitamin – coenzyme preparations immunomodulators , antioxidants and enterosorbents . Indosine embodies a combination of the above means and opens new perspectives for the development of prevention of oncological diseases.
€44.00 €54.00
Successful treatment of cancer can not do without the use of anticancer drugs, actively takes part in the destruction of the structure of cancer cells. Immunomodulator herbal "Levain", having an auxiliary anti-tumor effect in the complex therapy significantly improves the results of this treatment. The positive effect is the direct effect of the drug on the tumor tissue.In addition, the drug has antidepressant, immunoregulatory and sedative effect. Its unique formula helps to increase efficiency of tired skeletal muscles, improve lipid metabolism, normalize blood pressure and improve immunity.
€30.00 €37.00
Toxic substances that make up the most effective anticancer drugs, have clearly marked side effects. Basically it is a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and hematopoiesis. "Likam" protivotoksikologichesky recommended to take the drug to prevent and reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy.Natural antioxidant lycopene, included in its composition, slows the growth of cancer cells, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Resveratrol, normalizes cellular metabolism, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduces their permeability, improves the flow of blood, has anti-allergic, radioprotective, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and vasodilator effect. Coniferous complex drug has a tonic effect, has a bracing and immunostimulatory effects. Astragalus membranous relieves pain and partly because of the diuretic action displays the body of toxic substances.
€30.00 €37.00


€32.00 €39.00
Mesotel beauty con zinco e vitamine.
€25.00 €31.00
Mesotel Neo with resveratrol for
Сardiovascular system / Immune system / Respiratory system / Acoustic organs / Oral cavity pathologies / Neuroendocrine system / Nervous system / Hematopoietic system / Oncologic diseases / Metabolic disorder / Female reproductive system / Male reproductive system / Skin diseases / Intoxications / Urinoexcretory system
€27.00 €33.00
€25.00 €31.00
Prevention from heart attack and stroke Olekap is a beneficial source from polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. It effectively slows down the growth of atherosclerotic plaques, reduces cholesterol levels in blood. It has strong antioxidant properties. Olekap has natural polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, tocopherols and tocotrienols. It is used to prevent premature aging, hypertension and coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer pathology, and during chemo treatment
€25.00 €31.00
Complesso peptidico PC 01 - arterie e cuore:
• prevenzione dell'invecchiamento precoce
• prevenzione di aterosclerosi, ipertensione
• prevenzione di infarto e ictus
• riabilitazione post-infarto e post-ictus
€25.00 €31.00
Complesso peptidico per il sistema nervoso centrale e periferico. Contiene peptidi del cervello.
• prevenzione dell'invecchiamento precoce
• prevenzione della sclerosi cerebrale e dell'ictus
• riabilitazione dopo un ictus
• malattie infiammatorie e degenerative del sistema nervoso
€25.00 €31.00
Complesso peptidico per il sistema immunitario. Contiene peptidi - timo.
• prevenzione dell'invecchiamento precoce
• Aumento dell'aspettativa di vita
• correzione di patologie di immunità
• stimolazione della rigenerazione di tutti gli organi e tessuti
• Prevenzione dell'oncologia
€25.00 €31.00
Complesso peptidico per articolazioni. Contiene peptidi - cartilagine, timo.
€25.00 €31.00
Complesso peptidico per la pelle. Contiene peptidi - vasi, cartilagine, timo, fegato.
• prevenzione dell'invecchiamento precoce
• miglioramento del colore, del tono, della topografia e della struttura della pelle
• malattie della pelle
€25.00 €31.00
Complesso peptidico per vene e arterie. Contiene peptidi dei vasi sanguigni.
Consigliato per:
• prevenzione dell'invecchiamento precoce
• prevenzione della trombosi
• vene varicose
• emorroidi
• tromboflebite
• ulcere trofiche
€25.00 €31.00
Pinealon 20 brain
€37.00 €45.00
Pinealon 60 brain
Multicomponent preparation with peptides for masculine health
€45.00 €55.00
A highly effective anti-aging formulation with a powerful, delicating and antioxidant effect, which guarantees the fastest and most intense action in the fight against protein degradation and age-related changes in the skin.
€131.00 €158.00
Dietary product for completion of vitamins and minerals.
€21.00 €26.00

Chemo-and radio-protector of a NEW GENERATION

One of the main methods of cancer treatment is chemo radiotherapy, together with the use of products containing toxic substances and radiation to kill cancer cells and prevent further progression. However, during chemotherapy treatment healthy cells suffer as well, which leads to side effects, greatly worsen the patient's condition. In addition, the complications associated with chemotherapy alone can be life threatening. An important challenge for modern medicine is the development of drugs and supplements that can protect healthy cells and tissues from the effects of damaging factors (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and increase the effectiveness and tolerability of treatment. One of such supplements is REVIPLANT ®.
€61.00 €74.00
Cartilage and bone tissue peptides. Peptides have a selective action on various cells of bone and cartilaginous tissues, normalize their metabolism and regulate the function of joints and spine.
€47.00 €57.00
Il prodotto Sigumir contiene un complesso dei peptidi isolati dai tessuti ossei e cartilaginei. Agisce selettivamente sulle cellule normalizzando il loro metabolismo e normalizza le funzioni delle articolazioni e della colonna vertebrale.
• Artrosi e artrite
• Reumatismi
• Osteocondrosi
• Osteoporosi
• Gotta
Cartilage and bone tissue peptides. Peptides have a selective action on various cells of bone and cartilaginous tissues, normalize their metabolism and regulate the function of joints and spine.
€55.00 €67.00
Revilab SL 01 — contains peptides of the vascular wall and heart muscle.
€35.00 €43.00
SL 02 — contains peptides of brain, eye retina, vascular wall
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 03 — contains peptides of epiphysis, immune system T-link, immune system B-link.
€35.00 €43.00