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Prodotti peptidici per l'albero bronco-polmonare

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Honluten 60 Respiratory system and Stomach

Honluten is a dietary supplement with а synthesized peptide of the respiratory system and stomach lining. It normalizes the function of the lungs and the bronchial and gastric mucosa by reducing their peptide deficiency and restoring protein synthesis inside their cells.
€81.00 €61.00

PC 12 - albero bronco-polmonare

Complesso peptidico per l'albero bronco-polmonare. Contiene peptidi - vasi, cartilagine, timo. • prevenzione dell'invecchiamento precoce
• bronchite cronica
• enfisema dei polmoni
• allergia respiratoria
• asma bronchiale
€18.00 €16.00

Revilab МL 05

For respiratory system

Revilab SL 06

Revilab SL 06 — it contains peptides of T-cell branch of immune system, bronchi, lungs and stomach walls.
€36.00 €26.00

Taxorest 60 - Respiratory system

Respiratory system. Contains peptides of bronchial tubes mucous membrane.
€80.00 €81.00