Patches DETOX Detoxifying

The Patches Detox Detoxifying with bamboo extracts are a great help for a deep all-natural body detoxification, helps the circulation and lymphatic system.
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Natural Detox Patches


Detoxification is the basis of every natural therapy and provides a solid foundation of our health.

Through the kidneys, liver, intestines, lymphatic system, lungs and skin continue to perform the detoxification by the body carrying out all toxic substances.

However often the amount of accumulated toxins is higher than the natural disposal capacity of our body, due to too many polluting sources present in our lives, in the surrounding environment, in foods, etc.
Our natural capacity for self-detoxification decreases with age.

All these factors, unfortunately, contribute to create a fertile ground for all kinds of organic disease.

Natural detox patches help our body to reverse this trend and to eliminate toxins.


It has already become one of the most popular and well-known wellness products in South-East Asia and is rapidly spreading in the West.

The main ingredient of this patch is the quintessence of Bamboo acid that has excellent infiltration properties and elimination of toxins.

By using this detoxifying patch, toxins found in the increment, the intestinal canal and the circulatory system can be rapidly expelled.

It can be used for the elderly, who is ill, for smokers, obesity, depression, or cosmetics (body skin detoxing). It is also very useful for people who spend many hours on their feet or who are under a lot of mental pressure.


Natural foot detox patches help to:

  • eliminate toxins from the body;
  • perform its vital functions better;
  • be more resistant to all external aggression and internal roblems;
  • rest better;
  • relieve fatigue;
  • improve circulation;
  • all other benefits that post detoxification of our body.



Detoxifying patches for the feet are a natural remedy and greatly benefit the microcirculation.

Helping the microcirculation is very important because when it does not function fully in our body, various problems start to occur.

Natural detox patches help us improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins, a fundamental action that is the basis of our well-being.

And allow us to have a great feeling of well-being that spreads throughout our body.


How to use

Natural detoxifying patches should be attached to the feet while we sleep; this way we can get the toxins out of our body.

  1. Clean the feet with warm water.
  2. Open the product packet so that the adhesive part and the natural bamboo container can be seen.
  3. Remove the protective paper. Place the active ingredient on the plaster.
  4. Apply to the middle part of the foot or another part of the body as required.
  5. Apply the patches to both feet before going to bed; if you prefer wear socks to prevent the patch from coming off. Remove in the morning upon waking.
  6. Repeat application again before going to sleep.
  7. Repeat the application of the patches until their colour in the morning is white.

The complete detox cure-cycle lasts on average about 30 days, but the duration depends very much on your organism, how loaded with toxins it is: if you smoke, are ill, elderly or depressed, or even if you just want to do it to beautify your body and skin, after the first cycle, which is the detox cycle, it will be good to keep yourself clean by doing one treatment a week.



Natural Bamboo powder, Medlar (loquat) leaves powder, Houttuynia powder, tourmaline powderchitin powder, chitin powder, vitamin C powder.

One package contains

20 Natural Detox foot patches distributed in 10 packets - one packet a day (at night).



The product is not edible.

Use is not recommended for infants and pregnant women.

Do not apply to broken skin.

Do not apply to eyes.

Avoid in the case of dermatitis or skin allergies.

The product is disposable.

Recommended daily use of up to 2 patches. 

After the detox cycle to take a break at least one week.

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