Pinalex eye with peptides

Bioregulator peptide designed to stimulate the regenerative processes of the eye tissue in diseases and injuries of the retina and cornea.

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Peptides consisting balm "Pinalex", isolated from the thymus, the vascular wall and retinal regulate immune function and vascular systems and improve metabolism in tissues of the eye, firing thus the recovery process (regeneration) at the cellular level. When retinal vein thrombosis, atherosclerotic and diabetic angiopathy "Pinalex" improves insight vessels, the metabolism of pigment epithelium and cellular respiration, accelerates the recovery of the light sensitivity of the retina, increases its resistance to hypoxia and ischemia.

The drug has no contraindications to the use thanks to peptides synthesized from natural amino acids, and other components of a hypoallergenic, emollient, moisturizing and regenerating action. It can be used as a means of prevention of eye diseases in order to improve the functional state of the organs of vision.


Water, depantenol, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, hyaluronic acid, the peptide complex АА-6, the peptide complex АА-3, the peptide complex АА-7, sorbic acid, succinic acid.

Form release

10 ml


Use morning and evening for the skin around the eyes. Apply a small amount (3 - 6 drops) balm and spread light pat on the upper and lower eyelids. Let the balm to be absorbed.



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