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Revilab SL 01 - peptides of the vascular wall and heart muscle

Revilab SL 01 — it contains peptides of the vascular wall and heart muscle.
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Purified water, chamomile extract, xylitol, PEG–40 hydrogenated castor oil, orange essential oil, taxifolin, licorice extract, propolis extract, peppermint extract, sodium saccharin, peptide complex AA-7, peptide complex AA-5, peptide complex AA-6, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, clove essential oil, natural flavor “Menthol”, eugenol, limonene.

Application method

Drip 5–10 drops on the oral mucosa. Use 2 times a day. Chance presence of natural sediment. Shake before use. Chance presence of natural sediment. Shake before use.

Main components

Peptide of the vascular wall (peptide complex AA-7)

It regulates metabolic processes in the vascular wall. It can increase the elasticity of blood vessels and also can decrease the risk of damage to the vessel wall, bleeding and trombogenicity. Peptide complex AA-7 improves blood circulation of organs and tissues.

Peptide of the heart muscle (peptide complex AA-8)

It regulates the function of the cardiovascular system and restores myocardial function; restores microcirculatory function in various tissues and organs.

Extract of licorice

Has a wide range of substances useful to the human body. 27 flavonoids in the licorice have a versatile effect on the body — both spasmolytic, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory.

Extract of propolis

Suppresses activity and kills bacteria and viruses, slows the growth of some of them. Propolis struggles with oral diseases caused by various types of infections, including herpetic, fungal, bacterial nature.

Peppermint extract

Contains essential oil, flavonoids, tannins and bitter — these are the main active ingredients of this plant. The most important component in essential oil is menthol (up to 60%), which has an easy local anesthetic effect.

Chamomile extract

Has a strong bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, and also stimulates blood circulation. These properties made chamomile an indispensable tool in the treatment of various inflammatory processes.

Essential oil of orange

Used to care for the oral cavity. Oil fights inflammation and bleeding gums, treats stomatitis, helps with periodontitis.

Carnation essential oil

Used to care for the oral cavity. Oil fights inflammation and bleeding gums, treats stomatitis, helps with periodontitis.

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